Aluminum profile and products for ventilation systems.

“Cardinal Company” LLC produces and sells aluminum profiles and ventilation components similar to PRO-LAM, AROSIO and others, which are used in supply and exhaust climate systems, central air conditioning systems, dampers and ventilation louvers.

We offer:

  • Aluminum profile and components of the Pro-Lam system used for the production of ANR (ARN) ventilation louvers, AVK (KVA) air dampers, supply and exhaust systems and central air conditioners.
  • Ready-made AVK (KVA) air dampers of the Pro-Lam system made of aluminum profile. These dampers are designed to control air flow in ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Ready-made AHP (ARN) ventilation louvers of the Pro-Lam system. These louvers are made in the external version from an aluminum profile with reinforced dampers P-101, or with a lightweight blade P-129.
  • Aluminum profile and components of the Arosio ventilation system for the manufacture of air dampers AVK (KVA) air dampers, central air conditioning systems.
  • Ready-made air dampers AVK (KVA) Arosio system air dampers made of aluminum profile.
  • Ready-made ventilation louvers with shadings that have position adjustment (AMN), with an air flow damper (AMR), double-row with shadings (ADN), double-row with a damper (ADR), single-row with fixed outdoor shadings (ANR), rectangular with horizontal shadings (ALN), as well as perforated (PRN).

“Cardinal Company” LLC produces high-quality Pro-Lam and Arosio prototypes of aluminum profiles for ventilation systems. We also manufacture and sell a wide range of components for the manufacture of ventilation louvers, air dampers, air conditioners and other products.

Our products comply with international standards and safety requirements.

Our production

Our company specializes in the production and sale of components for the manufacture of supply and exhaust air conditioning systems, ventilation louvers, air dampers and other products. You will find high-quality prototypes of aluminum profiles and accessories of the Pro-Lam and Arosio systems. We manufacture components from polyamide PA (PA) 6, ABS, and polyethylene on our own press moulds.


In the “Cardinal Company” LLC you can buy finished products (we have a wide variety of ventilation louvers), or make a custom order. We use only proven, reliable materials and produce products that meet international standards and safety requirements.