As we all know oxygen, necessary for the human body, is contained in fresh air in sufficient quantity. Oxygen can be obtained only by airing the room, which is not always possible. Moreover, such ventilation is not always effective. In summer you get warm air and cold air mass in winter. Even air conditioners or heaters turned on full power cannot save the situation.

The principle of operation of thermal wheels

In order to avoid such situations, a rotary thermal wheel was developed, which main function is to regenerate heat. By rotating the drum accumulates heat from the air removed from the room. The accumulated mass gives off heat and heats the fresh air entering the room. Another function of this device is to drain the air. It should be noted that the thermal wheel efficiency rate is quite high. It can reach up to 85%.

Thermal wheel design

A thermal wheel is a cylindrical-shape device, which consists of a frame, a seal, an engine and a rotor. The frame is made of 2 mm thick galvanized metal. Stiffeners are mounted on the frame. Parts are assembled using steel rivets. The frame can have a standard design 290-325mm deep, and can be custom made, provided that the rotor functionality is preserved.

The brush seal serves to seal the frame and rotor wheel. It has a polyethylene windproof insertion installed between the bristles, which prevent airflow.

NMRV-brand gear motors suit well for these thermal wheels, as well as other brands of small-sized gear motors. They are selected taking into account the fact that the rotor speed should be about 10 torques a minute.

We use 70 mkm thick foil to manufacture the rotor wheel. Corrugated and smooth metal foil worn on each other forming coaxially triangular channels. The rotor is assembled by an aluminum strip, and spokes and an axis are installed for structural rigidity.

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